Hi-Octane Price In Pakistan

Hi-Octane Price In Pakistan Today On 25-05-2024 Is 308.88 PKR per Litre as per the official notification issued by Oil And Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) on 16th April, 2024 for the next 15 days.

We provide the latest rates and historical data for high octane fuel in Pakistan. Hi-Octane, also known as HOBC, is a premium gasoline with a high octane rating, engineered for high-performance vehicles. Our website FuelPrice.Pk offers daily, weekly, and monthly updates on Hi-Octane prices, empowering motorists and businesses to make informed decisions about fuel costs. Stay tuned for insights into pricing trends, helping you manage your fuel expenses effectively.

Prices w.e.f 16-April-2024

High Octane (HOBC) and its Uses

High octane (HOBC) is a premium grade gasoline known for its high octane rating. Octane ratings measure a fuel’s resistance to engine knock or premature ignition. HOBC is designed to withstand the high compression and temperature environments found in high performance engines. High octane fuel is mainly used in vehicles with high performance engines. These high performance engines include sports cars, luxury vehicles, and high-end vehicles engines that require high fuel quality to maximize efficiency, power and performance.

Benefits of High Octane (HOBC)

Smooth Combustion: HOBC ensures clean and efficient combustion within the engine’s cylinders, resulting in optimum fuel consumption.
Resistance to engine knock: Its high octane rating prevents engine knock, a condition where the air-fuel mixture burns prematurely, which can damage the engine.
Improved Engine Performance: HOBC offers better power delivery, better acceleration, and overall engine performance compared to low octane fuel.

FAQs About Hi-Octane (HOBC)

  1. What is the octane rating of fuel in Pakistan?
    • In Pakistan, the octane rating of regular petrol is typically 87 AKI (Anti-Knock Index), while Hi-Octane fuel often has a rating of 95 AKI.
  2. What octane is Euro 5 petrol?
    • Euro 5 petrol commonly has an octane rating of 95 AKI, which is considered suitable for modern engines and helps reduce emissions.
  3. Which hi-octane is best in Pakistan?
    • Among the available options, Hi-Octane fuels with a higher octane rating, such as 95 AKI, are generally preferred for performance-oriented vehicles.
  4. Is Hi-Octane better than regular petrol?
    • Yes, Hi-Octane fuel is better suited for high-performance engines due to its higher octane rating, which prevents engine knock and improves overall engine performance.
  5. Is 95 octane available in Pakistan?
    • Yes, the Government of Pakistan has deregulated RON 95, allowing Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) to import, market, and sell 95 octane fuel as per demand.
  6. Why is high octane better?
    • High octane fuel prevents engine knock, improves engine performance, and reduces emissions, especially during severe duty operations like towing or carrying heavy loads.
  7. Can I mix 92 and 95 octane?
    • While it’s generally safe to mix different octane fuels, it’s ideal to use the recommended octane level for your vehicle to ensure optimal performance and fuel efficiency.
  8. Can we mix high octane with petrol?
    • Yes, mixing high octane fuel with regular petrol can help alleviate engine knocking issues and improve overall engine performance, especially in vehicles with high compression ratios.
  9. Does high octane burn hotter?
    • No, high octane fuel doesn’t burn hotter than regular petrol. In fact, high octane fuel is less flammable and helps prevent premature ignition, ensuring smoother combustion.
  10. Does high octane fuel give more power?
    • High octane fuel is not intended to increase power output. It is primarily used in high-compression engines to prevent knocking and maintain engine efficiency.
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